Colonists established Jamestown in Virginia. Many initial settlers died of starvation and disease due to unpreparedness and inadequate knowledge of the land.


Samuel de Champlain, assisted by Algonquin and Huron Indians, defeated a band of Iroquois, beginning a long period of French/Iroquois hostilities.


A smallpox epidemic in New England kills off nearly the entire Native American population in the area. This is one of several examples of Native people suffering from foreign diseases.


The Indian Massacre of 1622. The Powhatan Confederacy attacked and nearly wiped out the entirety of the Jamestown colony. The Powhatan Confederacy planned the attack because colonists began taking their land. 


The Pequot War in Connecticut and Rhode Island leads to the death of over 600 Native Americans. Most of the surviving Native Americans were sold into slavery.


Captain William Pierce (a captain from England) sailed to the West Indies to exchange enslaved Native Americans for enslaved Black people. Pierce was well-known for making several trans-Atlantic voyages, bringing new settlers food, cattle, and supplies.


King Philip’s War takes place, which sees Native Americans of southern New England battle English colonists and their Native American allies.


Pueblo Native Americans revolt in New Mexico, threatening the Spanish rule over the territory.