A slave market consisting of African and Native Americans was constructed at what is now known as Wall Street in New York City. Here, men, women, and children were declared property and auctioned off to the highest bidder.


The Tuscarora War takes place, which was fought between British, Dutch, and German forces against Tuscarora Native Americans. The Tuscarora tribe tried to drive the colonists out of their territory, but the colonists ultimately won in 1713.


The French and Indian War begins. The French controlled most of the territory in Canada and the Great Lakes. At the same time, Great Britain controlled their 13 colonies along the east coast. The land around the Ohio River Valley was of great value to the British, French, and Native American forces.

1758 [August 1]

The first Indian reservation was established in North America by the New Jersey Colonial Assembly.


King George III of England signs the Proclamation of 1763, prohibiting any English settlement West of the Appalachian Mountains. Additionally, it required anyone already settled in those regions to return East to ease the tension with Native Americans.

1763 [July 31]

The Battle of Bloody Run occurs in present-day Detroit. Ottawa Chief Pontiac leads warriors while the British retaliate. Although Pontiac successfully fended off the British forces, there were several casualties on both sides.


The American Revolutionary War takes place.


The Treaty of Hopewell is signed, protecting the Cherokee Indians in the United States while sectioning off their land. The treaty was signed between U.S. representative Benjamin Hawkins and the Cherokee Indians and laid a western boundary for American settlement.


The State of Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.


The Treaty of Holston is signed. This treaty established that Cherokee tribes were protected by the United States, and the U.S. would manage all future foreign affairs for all the affiliated Cherokee tribes.

1794 [August 20]

The Battle of Timbers ends, resulting in a victory for the United States. This was the last major battle over Northwest territory between the Native Americans and the United States following the Revolutionary War.