Tribal Directory Locations: Arkansas

<p>Native Americans first inhabited the land in Arkansas almost 14,000 years ago. The most dominant tribes in the state were the Caddos, Osages, Quapaws, and later, the Cherokee. Some tribes, like the Caddo, maintained a sedentary lifestyle along the rivers. In these communities, Natives built houses that resembled a beehive that spanned as much as 60 feet in diameter. Although Arkansas tribes lived in the same area, they used different methods to build shelters. Most tribes farmed and grew crops like squash, corn, beans, and tobacco, of which the women tended. Also, Arkansas Natives were skilled hunters, and men hunted deer, buffalo, and bears. After settlers arrived, most tribes participated in trade, utilizing the waterways to do so. Despite being home to some of the earliest Native Americans, there are no federally recognized tribes in Arkansas. </p>

Chickamauga Cherokee Nation

Chickamauga Cherokee Nation White River Band

Lost Cherokee of Arkansas & Missouri

Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee