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Tribal Directory Locations: California

<p>The first Native American tribes to make California their home included the Yokuts, Karok, Maidu, Cahuilleno, Mojave, Modoc, Pomo, and Paiute Nations. Although geographically close to Great Plains tribes, Natives in California didn’t share these people’s language or culture. The lack of shared culture was because the mountain ranges and deserts isolated Californian tribes. The state’s terrain made long-distance travel very challenging, so tribes lived in large, permanent villages. Additionally, the division and isolation of the tribes resulted in a diverse Native population with as many as 135 distinct languages. These communities harvested nuts (especially acorns), wild berries, and trapped fish from nearby streams to survive. California’s diverse Native American history is observed by the state’s 109 federally recognized tribes, with several others petitioning for federal recognition. </p>
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