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Tribal Directory Locations: Kentucky

<p>The original tribes in Kentucky, although very similar in their cultural practices, were frequently at war with one another for territory. The first tribes in the state included the Cherokee, Yuchi, Chickasaw, and Shawnee Nations. However, the Shawnee tribe controlled most of Kentucky’s land before European settlers arrived. Traditionally, the Shawnee strategically set up their villages next to the fields where they cultivated corn, beans, and numerous vegetables. This tribe lived in wigwams, a round dwelling made from wood and animal hides. Occupying the southeastern parts of Kentucky, the Cherokee and Yuchi territories boarded each other, often leading to war. Still, both tribes were skilled hunters, killing animals like deer, bears, and elk. Like the Shawnee, Cherokee and Yuchi Indians cultivated crops like corn, squash, beans, and vegetables. Although there aren’t any federally recognized tribes in Kentucky, one community, the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky, remains. </p>
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