Tribal Directory Locations: Louisiana

<p>The original inhabitants of the land that’s now known as Louisiana included the Tunica, Natchez, Houma, Caddo, Atakapa, Choctaw, and Chitimacha tribes. But, a few other tribes migrated to Louisiana after European settlers arrived in the United States. Cultural practices by Natives in the state varied depending on the land they occupied. Tribes that lived in southern Louisiana, like the Chitimacha, took advantage of the abundant shellfish off the coast. The Chitimacha tribe was also known for their outstanding basketry woven into geometric designs and made from wild cane reed. In comparison, communities in northern Louisiana, like the Tunica tribe, practiced organized farming. Plants like corn, beans, pumpkins, mushrooms, fruits, nuts, and salt were essential parts of the Tunica diet. Today, Louisiana recognizes four Native American tribes federally. </p>

Adais Caddo Indian Nation

Choctaw-Apache Community of Ebarb

Clifton Choctaw Tribe of Louisiana

Louisiana Cherokee Choctaw Tribe

Pointe au Chien Indian Tribe

Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe

Chitimacha Tribe of Louisana