Tribal Directory Locations: Mississippi

<p>Several Native tribes were original inhabitants of Mississippi, although the Chickasaw and Choctaw controlled most of the land. Alongside these two tribes, some of the others that lived in the state included the Quapaw, Tunica, Ofo, Natchez, Houma, and Biloxi Nations. The Choctaw people, who lived in Mississippi’s central and southern areas, were a matriarchal society. So, the advice from women was well-respected, and, unlike other tribes, the Choctaw showed gender equality. This tribe built large mounds made from soil, clay, and stones for shelter. The Chickasaw tribe, located in northern Mississippi, lived in sophisticated towns and operated a highly developed ruling system. As a result, the Chickasaw maintained successful trading systems with nearby tribes as well as French and English settlers. Today, only one federally recognized tribe in Mississippi exists; the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. </p>

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians