Tribal Directory Locations: Missouri

<p>At one point, around 20,000 Native Americans were living in Missouri, including tribes like the Osage, Shawnee, Ioway, Delaware, Kickapoo, Illini, Sac & Fox, amongst others. Tribes in Missouri relied on the waterways for food and trade routes. Also, Native communities survived in the state by growing vegetables, beans, and other foods on the nutrient-rich soil. Unfortunately, a majority of the tribes in Missouri were forced there against their will by white settlers. Then, by 1830 when Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, almost all the Natives living in Missouri were forced to leave again. Currently, there are no federally recognized Native tribes in Missouri despite the state containing extensive Native history. </p>

Saponi Nation of Missouri, Mahenip’s Band

Northern Cherokee Nation

The St Francis River Band of Cherokees

Western Cherokee Nation

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Chickamauga Cherokee Nation MO/AR White River Band

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma