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Tribal Directory Locations: Montana

<p>Tribes like the Sioux, Cheyenne, Shoshone, Blackfoot, Kootenai, and Crow were some of the original Native tribes in Montana. Of these tribes, the Crow and Blackfoot were seen as most powerful and claimed a majority of the land. The Crow peoples primarily survived on buffalo; organizing buffalo jumps to procure several at one time. As a nomadic tribe, the Crow constructed some of the largest teepees recorded out of buffalo skin. Similarly, the Blackfoot tribe was very nomadic and didn’t focus on arts or agriculture as other tribes did. Instead, the Blackfeet relied on deer, moose, bison, and elk for survival, often moving their villages to follow herds. Montana is home to eight federally recognized tribes, and has several Native American historical markers to educate and accurately describe the culture.</p>
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