Tribal Directory Locations: New Hampshire

<p>In New Hampshire, the Pennacook and Abenaki tribes were the original inhabitants, developing rich social lives and adapting to the land to survive. Unlike most Native American tribes, the Abenaki didn’t treat the land as something people could own. Instead, they used the land and its resources according to season, custom, and need. Traditionally, New Hampshire tribes built villages along rivers and lakes, making hunting and fishing a lot easier. In addition to being skilled hunters, Native Americans cultivated numerous crops, including corn, gourds, beans, squash, vegetables, and flowers. Some villages even discovered how to use plants for medicinal purposes. The most popular type of shelter for Native Americans living in New Hampshire were wigwams, dome or cone-shaped structures made from wooden poles, bark, animal hides, and moss or grass mats. These shelters were easy to set up and take down. Today, New Hampshire doesn’t recognize any tribes federally. </p>