Tribal Directory Locations: New Jersey

<p>The original inhabitants of New Jersey each practiced varying cultural rituals yet followed very similar patterns regarding shelter, farming, and hunting. The three tribes that first lived in New Jersey included the Unami (Lenape), Minisink (Munsee), and Unalachtigo tribes. Both the Munsee and Unalachtigo tribes are two of many subtribes of the Lenape community. However, the Munsee peoples were renowned for how creative and intense they were in battle. Almost every tribe in New Jersey practiced a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Although their villages moved frequently, women in Lenape tribes executed companion planting with different varieties of corn, squash, and beans. Native men hunted various game and harvested a variety of seafood, relying on clams year-round. Although the Lenape tribes hunted and fished for the same animals, each tribe presented a unique twist on their hunting technique. Today, there are no federally recognized tribes in New Jersey. </p>