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Tribal Directory Locations: New York

<p>New York had several tribes that made up its original inhabitants, including the Erie, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Laurentian, Mohawk, Abenaki, Mohican, Delaware, Poospatuck, and Mohegan. Later, Tuscarora Natives migrated to New York after being forced off their original land. Because of the drastic shifts in temperature, New York Natives rotated the types of clothing they would wear. For example, in the winter, tribe members wore leggings, shirts, and coats made from deerskin to stay warm. Additionally, some tribes, like the Mohawk, utilized porcupine quills and feathers for jewelry and belts. It was prevalent for New York tribes to battle and go to war for territory, whether with neighboring tribes or European settlers. As a result, some tribes, like the Erie, learned how to craft poisoned arrows from the available wildlife for protection. Today, there are eight federally recognized tribes in New York spread throughout the state. </p>
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