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Tribal Directory Locations: North Carolina

<p>North Carolina has an intriguing Native American history. The original inhabitants included the Cherokee, Creek, Catawba, Tutelo, Tuscarora, and Croatan tribes. However, the Catawba tribe controlled most of the land and, therefore, several trading networks because of the numerous rivers that ran through their territory. The Catawba peoples were known for their intricate baskets, bowls, and mats they made and traded with other tribes and, later, European settlers. Although most tribes in North Carolina cultivated similar foods (corn, beans, gourds, squash, and vegetables), in the Catawba tribe, it was the men who farmed, not the women. Natives in North Carolina constructed shelters made from wood and reeds, using wooden poles for the houses’ frames. Also, most tribes practiced a sedentary lifestyle because of the extensive trade network the rivers offered. Today, there is one federally recognized tribe in North Carolina, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians: Qualla Boundary. </p>
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