Tribal Directory Locations: Oklahoma

<p>The state of Oklahoma has a complex, unique Native American history, with 67 tribes calling the land home at one point or another. Because many tribes migrated to Oklahoma voluntarily or were forced there by settlers, there’s still an immense blend of cultures. The original tribes in Oklahoma include Caddo, Wichita, and Osage Nations, with the Osage maintaining a dominant status for several years. The Osage peoples were nomadic, hunting animals like deer, bears, and buffalo to sustain their communities. Several of the other Native tribes in Oklahoma lived near the Missouri and Red Rivers because the land was more fertile and offered more accessible transportation. Today, there are 35 federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma, proving the land’s extensive history with Native Americans.</p>

Fort Sill Apache Tribe of Oklahoma

Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma

Delaware Tribe of Indians

Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma

Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma

Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma

Cherokee Nation

Caddo Nation of Oklahoma