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Tribal Directory Locations: Oregon

<p>Some of the original tribes in Oregon included the Umpqua, Paiute, Grand Ronde, Siletz, Chinook, and over ten others. Native Americans living in Oregon made excellent use of the land, consisting of desert plateaus, dense forests, valleys, and mountainous regions. Because of the deviating areas, several tribes, like the Paiute, would walk long distances to gather, hunt, and trade. As a result, the Paiute and similar like-minded tribes would build different shelters depending on the time of year. Additionally, people primarily relied on nuts, wild berries, and bison for sustenance. Tribes like the Umpqua practiced complex cultural rituals when the seasons would change. But, it’s difficult to know precisely what Oregon’s tribes practiced culturally, as there was no written language. Today, Oregon recognizes nine tribes federally and showcases Native American culture in tourism attractions and everyday life.</p>
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