Tribal Directory Locations: Pennsylvania

<p>Pennsylvania’s first tribes included the Erie, Iroquois, Munsee, Delaware, Shawnee, Susquehannock, and Lenape. Later on, after being driven off their land, the Nanticoke tribe migrated to Pennsylvania as well. Although some tribes frequently went to war, the state still had a complex trading system between villages and, eventually, Europeans—some of the common items that were traded included furs, pottery, baskets, and food. Many of Pennsylvania’s tribes switched the type of shelter they lived in as the weather changed. For example, bark-covered houses called wigwams were common in the summer, while longhouses were prominent during the winter months. Like Native Americans across the country, Pennsylvanian tribes cultivated corn, vegetables, beans, squash, and other crops in large fields located next to their villages. Also, some tribes, like the Iroquois, welcomed European culture and tools into their life, even forming alliances in some cases. Today, there are no federally recognized tribes in Pennsylvania. </p>

Lena’pe Nation

Eastern Delaware Nations

Eagle Medicine Band of Cherokee Indians

Thunder Mountain Lenape Nation