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Tribal Directory Locations: Rhode Island

<p>Rhode Island’s original inhabitants included Native Americans in the Narragansett, Niantic, and Wampanoag tribes. But, the Narragansett’s territory was by far the most extensive in the state. That said, this tribe offered protection to nearby smaller tribes in exchange for goods and amicable relationships. Naturally, the Narragansett warriors were well-known for being quite skilled in battle. Tribes in Rhode Island were semi-nomadic, moving the location of their villages depending on the season. In the winter, Natives built longhouses, and in the summer, they constructed wigwams closer to the water. Although Rhode Island tribes relied on the cultivation of corn for food, fish and other sea life were critical dietary elements. Given their proximity to the coast, several of Rhode Island’s Native American tribes were first to interact with European settlers and formed alliances in some cases. Today, Rhode Island has one federally recognized tribe, the Narragansett Indian Tribe. </p>
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