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Tribal Directory Locations: Tennessee

<p>The original inhabitants in Tennessee included the Quapaw, Chickasaw, Koasati, Shawnee, Yuchi, Creek, and Cherokee tribes. Initially, these tribes split the land relatively equally, but war and migration would eventually change that. Like the Chickasaw, most of the dominant tribes in Tennessee created sophisticated villages, laws, and religious practices. That said, Tennessee Natives operated an advanced trade network, exchanging goods like furs, pottery, baskets, meat, and much more. Because of seasonal weather changes, tribes like the Cherokee rotated the type of shelter they lived in as the temperature shifted. The Cherokee built square-shaped structures made from mud, wood, clay, and grass in the summer. In the winter, they constructed dome-shaped houses, which were sturdy enough to handle harsh weather conditions. Today, Tennessee doesn’t have any federally recognized tribes. Still, there are some unrecognized Native tribes, bands, and communities in the state. </p>
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