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Tribal Directory Locations: Texas

<p>Native Americans from diverse tribes were the first people to live in Texas. Some of the tribes most recognizable in the state included the Caddo, Comanche, Kickapoo, Tigua, Apache, and Kiowa. The everyday lifestyle practices differed depending on where in Texas these tribes lived. For example, the Comanche were Great Plains Indians and followed a nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, this tribe tracked and hunted buffalo, using the skin for teepees, clothing, and trade. However, other tribes, like the Tigua, operated a sedentary lifestyle, building pueblos for shelter. Pueblos are permanent housing structures made from limestone, mud, and clay. The Tigua peoples were also well-known for their beautiful pottery and farming plants like corn, cotton, and gourds. Today, Texas has three federally recognized tribes, and one state recognized tribe. </p>
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