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Tribal Directory Locations: Vermont

<p>The original tribes that called Vermont home included the Abenaki, Mohican, Pocomtuc, and Pennacook. But, the Abenaki tribe had the largest territory out of all the clans in the state. Most of the tribes in Vermont were known for being peaceful, only going to war if it was essential. The main foods Native Americans either grew, gathered, or hunted included deer, bear, small game, nuts, fruits, corn, beans, squash, salmon, various vegetables, maple syrup, and much more. Additionally, tribes like the Pennacook crafted canoes from birch trees to navigate the rivers and lakes. Unlike the Abenaki, Pocomtuc, and Pennacook tribes, the Mohican operated a matrilineal society. This meant children descended from their mother’s clan and women were more involved in decision-making and leadership roles. Today, there are no federally recognized tribes in Vermont. However, the state recognizes a few tribes and Native communities. </p>
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