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Tribal Directory Locations: Virginia

<p>Virginia was originally occupied by several Native American tribes, including the Yuchi, Cherokee, Catawba, Powhatan, Tuscarora, Croatan, and Tutelo and Saponi. For several years, the Tutelo and Saponi tribes controlled most of Virginia’s land. At first, Native tribes in Virginia were nomadic, following game to survive. However, when these tribes evolved, they became more sedentary, building villages near major riverbanks. Therefore, farming corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, tobacco, and bottle gourd was quite common. Natives even learned how to grow the crops that European settlers brought from their homeland, including apples, peaches, and melons. Most Virginia tribes built “mud and stud” structures made from clay, reeds, bark, saplings, and vines for shelter. Although these shelters took a long time to construct, they were durable enough to withstand rain, heavy winds, and snow. Today, there are no federally recognized tribes in Virginia. </p>
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