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Tribal Directory Locations: Wyoming

<p>The first Native Americans to live in Wyoming existed nearly 15,000 years ago. Because the land is primarily plains and basins, several tribes living in Wyoming were nomadic. Some of the tribes that occupied the land included the Plains Indians, Cheyenne, Crow, Ute, and Sioux. Of these tribes, the Cheyenne and Sioux peoples were among the last to be controlled by settlers and placed on reservations. Traditionally, the Sioux tribes in Wyoming lived in teepees and made clothing from fur or leather to trade with other tribes in the area. Native Americans in Wyoming also began using horses in the 1700s for faster mobility and to make hunting more accessible, which was especially helpful given the land’s layout. Wyoming is home to two federally recognized tribes, an Arapahoe and a Shoshone tribe, which both have long histories of living in the Great Plains. </p>
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